Joy in these uncertain times during the Pandemic 2020?


You may be wondering, “How is joy even possible now?” 

Happiness Is a Destination, Joy Is an Attitude

Does this sound like you? Are you:

  • Feeling a bit uncertain about what the ‘new normal’ will be?
  • Scared and anxious at times about your health, finances, loved ones and business?
  • More distracted than usual and not feeling at the top of your game?
  • Used to experiencing joy in sporadic celebratory moments like a declaration of love, walking in nature and marveling at a piece of music or art?

You may notice joy shows up like a fleeting long-lost friend you haven’t seen in years. Some of you may believe joy is not even within your control or reach.

Joy is not an extra bonus to include in one’s life. It need not be similar to a a favorite eccentric aunt who drops by for a visit every few years.

Joy is within everyone’s reach if you know how to get there – and my upcoming, soon-to-be published book “The Joy Code” will show you how!

In the meantime, to get  you started having MORE JOY NOW!

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“By choosing joy as your life’s adventure, you become a better version of you.”

– Carol Benson

The Joy Code

Ten Tips for Living a Joyful Life

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CAROL BENSON is an enthusiastic “Joy Whisperer!” After unlocking The Joy Code for herself, she co-founded  "It Doesn't Feel Like Work” where she helps business owners and entrepreneurs transform those aspects of their lives where they feel totally frustrated.

As a speaker, trainer and coach, she takes people from the attitude that “work is hard” to the understanding that by unlocking their joy and thriving capabilities, they will create more time, money, and ease – which leads them to a much more fulfilling and joyful life.

In addition, Benson is a Social and Emotional IQ Strategist, Certified Conscious Business Coach, Speech Language Pathologist, and a member of the pioneer group of the Mindvalley Master Certified Trainers.

PAUL BENSON works with business owners and entrepreneurs who think uncertainty makes “work hard”. But really, when you sit down with Paul for your complimentary Financial Needs Analysis you’ll have a written plan to take your finances to the next level for wealth building.

Paul’s a successful multi-million-dollar business entrepreneur for the past thirty years. With a background in psychology, sales, negotiation and team building, he is a a Wealth-generation Changemaker, Conscious Business Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

Trained in the pioneer group of Mindvalley Master Certified  & Intuition Trainers, he synthesizes a wide-range of talents, professional experiences, personal background and certifications to empower wealth in others.

Paul is a co-author of the book, “5 Steps to Thrive: Reveal Any Crisis as Opportunity” (2013, Highpoint Life Publishing) He is available for podcast interviews, speaking opportunities and consulting.